EAST CHINA SEAS is a commercial company with multilingual professionals set up by 4 factories. We lead you straight to the best product, best factory, best prices and best business.

  • In 2004, EAST CHINA SEAS opened an office in Vietnam, and thereafter Thailand, India and Ecuador.>
  • In 2006, EAST CHINA SEAS has set up a new squid processing factory in partnership with a leading European company.
  • EAST CHINA SEAS core products are Shrimps from Asia and Central America, Tilapia and Squid.
  • EAST CHINA SEAS has its own QC control in each country and will discuss specifications with each client.
  • EAST CHINA SEAS also offers QC inspection as an independent service.
  • EAST CHINA SEAS has served customers in the whole world for more than 20 years and provides multi-services such as packaging, auditing, follow up, market information, etc.
  • EAST CHINA SEAS always actively looks for better and newer facilities with BRC, IFS, GAP, BAP, ASC and products with MSC, Friend of the Seas or similar Labels.
  • EAST CHINA SEAS main office is located in Beijing with inspectors located in all main coastal cities of China, India and Vietnam.
    A305, HuaPu Garden, No.9,
    DongZhiMen South Street, 100007,
    Beijing P.R. China